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37 years of Animation Film industry history

Jeffrey James Varabkanich:

James Varabkanich
Revised 5.15.2014

As of the start of this 2014 I completed working on season three of "American Horror Stories" for 20th Century Fox/ FX Network, as live action storyboard and Previz artist. I'm also doing story boarding, cg animation, character designs and Previz on Universal and Disney Black Ride Theme Park attractions through Falcons Treehouse and Renaissance Entertainment. In 2013 I wrapping on "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" as CG Previsualization (Previz) animation supervisor here in New Orleans. I've also been steadily contracted to HuHu Studios, a New Zealand studio as storyboard artist, character designer, writer, animator and consultant for four (4) years now. My expertise covers both 2D and 3D Character Animation since being recruited and trained and by Disney's animation mentor Eric Larson. Additional skills include the mastering of Character Designing, 3D Stereoscopic’s, Directing, Editing, Writing, Producing, Story Boarding and CG Visdev for live action and live action/animated films.

To review examples of animations, original films and stories both completed and in development, please email for log-in to access updated demo reel: or call 504 505 6738. Storyboard Artist. Examples of my work are available for viewing at by written request:

Specialties: CG Previsualization animation/supervision, 3D/2D Character Animator, Character designer, Producer, Creative Director, Editor, Director, Stereoscopics, Writer, Creative Consultant.

1.    The Small One” (1978) Disney as character animator. Half hour Christmas Special Directed by Don Bluth
2.    The Fox and the Hound” (1982) Disney as character animator
3.    The Black Cauldron” (1984) Disney as early development character animator
4.    The Black Hole” Disney, as Special Effects Animator
5.    Tron” (1980) Disney as storyboard artist

In 1982, I relocated to Europe
and launch the first school of animation in Copenhagen along with the first major feature film production facility in Scandinavia, and eventually produced, directed and animated on many European Feature films including

1.    French: Astérix et la surprise de César”, Theatrical, Character Animator
2.    Swedish: Pelle Svanslös”, Theatrical, Character Animator
3.    Danish: Strit og Stumme” Theatrical, Character Animator
4.    Danish: Otto er et Næsehorn” Theatrical, Animated Titles
5.    Danish:Help! I'm a Fish”, Theatrical UK and Throughout Europe, Character Animator
6.    Germany: "Benjamin Blümchen" TV Series, Director/Directing Animator
7.    Danish feature animated film: Valhalla” 1985, co-produce and co-directing the first major Danish feature film which went on to win critical acclaim and the Special Recognition Award at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.
8.    All Dogs go to Heaven”, Directed by Don Bluth in Dublin Ireland: Goldcrest, Character Animator
9.    Rock-A-Doodle”, Goldcrest, Supervising Animator
10.  A Troll in Central Park”, Goldcrest, Supervising Animator
11.  Fern Gully the last Rain Forest”, 20th Century Fox, Supervising Animator
12.  We’re back, a Dinosaurs Story” (1992), Supervising Animator
13.  Balto” Universal Pictures (1994) Supervising Animator
14.  Casper” (1995) CG Character Animator (Industrial Light and Magic)
15.  The Rugrats Movie” Theatrical (1998) Paramount Pictures, Character Animator
16.  Mulan” Disney (1997), Supervising Animator
17.  Titan A.E.” 20th Century Fox (2000), Character Animator/CG Animator
18.  Eight Crazy Nights”, Sony Pictures (2002) Supervising Animator under Disney I.D.E.A.S. facility
19.  Brother Bear” (2003). Co-authoring the original story treatment.
20.  Punchinello” (2004) Faith Base Christian DVD, Character Designer/Animator
21.  Hermie: A Common Caterpillar” (2003) (DVD Home Video) created all Lead Character Designs.
22.   Passmore Labs: Collaborated directly with Greg Passmore, owner of Passmore Labs who acted as our contracted lead science lab for 3dh Entertainment in Orlando, a division of N4D/3DH. Greg, a noted physicist by trade, is one of the preeminent developers of 3d stereoscopic technologies today having been one of the founders of “Siggraph.
23.  Carroll Lastinger: Collaborated directly with Carroll on all actual 3D stereoscopic tool sets originating from patented principles set forth by Mr. Lastinger as N4D/3DH’s chief scientist of stereoscopic technologies, medical, geological and military defense simulation applications.
24.  N4D/3dh Entertainment: founded by Creative Director Jeffrey as the entertainment division of 3dh communications Atlanta (2006/2009) 3D Stereoscopic Stereographer/“The Starfish Thrower” 2007 “The Fence” 2007 “The Apple Worm” 2007 “The Push” 2007
25.  “The Christmas Present” 2007 “3dh Stereoscopic Presentation for Roy Disney” 2008 “Stevens Shell” 2008 “The Big Winner” 2008 “The Spider Web” 2008 “The Kite” 2008 “The Scar” 2008 “The Book” 2008 “Israel’s 60th Anniversary Special”, Paramount Studios Back Lot 2008 “Emoz Island” 2008 “The Leaky Bucket” 2009/2010 (in development) “Movie Guide Awards Presentation” 2009
26.  N4D/3DH: 2007/2—8/2009: Writer/Director/Producer/Character Designer/Animator, Responsible for fully incorporating state of the art Stereoscopic 3D “HoloProjection” system into an original content pipeline.
27.  Dr. Memory’s Universe” 2009/2010 As creative director, I designed, directed, produced and edited s cast of characters, planets and space ships in the style and fashion of Disney/Pixar for a state of the art 3D animated promotional film used to promote famed All Star Champion “Hall of Fame” Basketball player’s new Web based educational universe, based on his unique educational learning system.
28.   INV3 Technologies” 2010, Creative Consultant.
29.  3D Eye Solutions” 2010, Creative Consultant.
30.  Little Big Panda” 2010, 2D Character animation/story board artist. Director Greg Manwaring, freelance.
31.  Veggie Tales” 2010 /to present, Storyboarding on new series of six direct to video films, freelance.
32.  HuHu Studios” 2010/ to 2013 present, Contracted consultant/ PreVis Supervisor/ Lead 3D character animator, co-producer
33.  The Greatest Escape” 2010/ to 2012(Feature Film in development) Character Designer, Storyboard Artist, Freelance.
34.  Renaissance Entertainment: 2012/2013/2014 Present/ Character designer for Disney and Chinese Theme Parks.
35.  20th Century Fox/ MPC: 2013 to present. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Matt Reeves Director. PreVis CG Animation Supervisor.
36.  "Black and White": 2013. Live Action Kevin Costner Drama. Storyboard Artist.
37.  Falcons Tree House: 2013/ 2014: Storyboard Artist/ Previsualization Artist for major theme parks ride Media aspects, for the like of Disney/Universal Studios.
38.  Creative Force Incorporating: 2013: Children's Book Illustrator
39.  "American Horror Stories": 2013/2014. Live Action 20th Century Fox/ FX Network Series.
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